Project Description

The standard “natural convection” drying cabinets are supplied with a sliding stainless steel shutter on top for ventilation. LEEC drying cabinets are also available with a circulation fan or extract fan. A circulating fan can be incorporated for improved drying performance. The air is drawn upwards through the body of the cabinet and returned via a full width air duct to the heaters in the base. Where an extractor fan for exhausting moisture to outside the building is fitted, the fan will be located in a chimney which adds approximately 200mm to the overall cabinet height and terminates in a 100mm diameter spigot.

Key Aspects:

  • 5mm thick, clear, toughened glass doors to BS EN 12150.
  • Dry laboratory glassware, surgical instruments, theatrical wigs / costumes, media.
  • Four sizes with hinged glass doors.
  • Two sizes with sliding glass doors.
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