Project Description

The ROTANTA 460 RF enables efficient and rapid centrifugation runs in research and analytical laboratories. The centrifuge helps to reduce centrifugation times substantially and can be relied on to handle a high throughput of samples. Its powerful refrigeration capability means that the chosen temperature will be reached quickly and maintained.

With the swing-out rotor the maximum RCF is 6,446, and an RCF of 24,400 can be achieved with an angle rotor. The temperature can be set to any desired value in the range -20 °C to +40 °C (-4 °F to +104 °F). The centrifuge is also equipped with stand-by cooling. Its outstanding performance, reliable cooling and comprehensive range of accessories enable laboratory procedures to be carried out quickly and free of interruptions.

Its maximum capacity of three litres per run is valued in clinics and laboratories as well as R&D laboratories in the life sciences. A wide range of accessories is available for high-throughput screening of potential active substances in research laboratories.

The ROTANTA 460 RF is valued in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology and throughout the pharmaceutical industry because of its autoclavable and aerosol-tight accessories. The ROTANTA 460 RF has a rotor with a maximum RCF of 6,446 for the centrifugation of filter plates.

If there is a shortage of space above the bench and below the bench then the ROTANTA 460 RF can be positioned in a corner. It has a height of approx. one metre and can be easily loaded and unloaded by lab personnel of any height.

Key Aspects:

  • Max. capacity: Value with swing-out rotor 4 x 750 ml / with angle rotor 6 x 250 ml
  • Max. speed (RPM): 15,000
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 961 x 554 x 697 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 164 kg
  • Cooling: Temperature can be set in the range – 20 °C to + 40 °C
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