Project Description


BioMAT1 Microbiological Safety Cabinets are manufactured in 2mm mild steel with a 316L grade stainless steel work surface fully welded and finished in “traffic white” RAL9016 powder coat paint. The wipe clean control membrane provides ON/OFF cabinet control, internal lighting and audible and visual alarms for low/ high airflow with mute function. A full colour TFT screen displays airflow diagram and alarm conditions plus clock function and programmable UV light timer. 2No 13A sockets are provided as standard within the main working area.

Model Types

• Ducted type: With exhaust module incorporating single HEPA filter and integral anti blow back damper.
• Recirculation type: With exhaust module incorporating double HEPA filters and vertical discharge grille for return air.
• Robotics Class 1: Large cabinet designed to house automated systems fully compliant with BS EN 12469:2000.
• Class I/III hybrid type: With gloveport closure panel to allow high hazard work under negative pressure.
• Double sided: Cabinets to allow access from both sides.
• TriMAT: Onboard bypass exhaust system to maintain constant exhaust volumes regardless of cabinet operation, designed for use within containment labs.


• Support frame with levelling feet or lockable castors.
• Fail-safe gas valves.
• Service taps (vacuum, lab gasses etc).
• 100% sealable night door.
• UV germicidal lighting (interlocked).
• Polished grade 316L stainless steel work surface.
• Formalin vapouriser (available for recirculation models).
• VHP inlet and outlet ports for H2O2 generator.

Key Aspects:

  • TFT screen showing airflow & alarm conditions.

  • 2 mm grade 316L stainless steel with a white polyester finish (RAL 9010), wipe clean membrane.

  • Simple to use, quiet operation & efficient.

  • Wide range of accessories & options available.

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