Project Description


• Fans: Latest generation EC fan technology provides reduced noise levels with improved energy efficiency.
• Exhaust: Cabinets can be provided in standard exhaust, thimble, re-circulation or our unique patented TriMAT constant exhaust format to meet the particular application.
• Controls: Tactile control buttons with crystal clear iconography provide simple clear control of cabinet operation and functions.
• Front visor: Available in 200mm fixed aperture or motorised sliding sash to suit user preference.
• UV germicidal lighting (interlocked).
• Polished grade 316L stainless steel work surface.
• Formalin vapouriser (available for recirculation models).
• VHP inlet and outlet ports for H2O2 generator.

Key Aspects:

  • Simple to with intuitive controls and alerts.

  • Efficient EC fan technology and LED screens.

  • Safe and quiet operation with low pressure HEPTA filtration and clear operator indicators.

  • LED light provides indication of airway function.

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