Project Description

Lower height 125wrv models are designed to fit under worktops in laboratory workplaces. With their width of 60cm, depth of 64cm and height of just 83cm, these cabinets are ideal where space is limited.

• Equipped with right hand hinged reversible door with lock and 3 grey shelves.
• Materials Exterior / Interior: White / ABS lining white.

• Glass or Solid Door Options.
• Stacking kit for 125 Models.
• Castors on stacking kits.
• Porthole for sensor access.
• Drawer systems available on 125, 346, 583 models.

Key Aspects:

  • Height: 830 mm.

  • Glass door option available.

  • Temperature: +2/+8°C.

  • Gross Volume: 125 ltr.

  • 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty.

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Specification Sheet