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Monitoring Systems

LoRa® SPY Digital Sensor


The LoRa® SPY Digital sensor measures and records temperature with an external removable probe. Data are sent to the secure JRI secure Cloud by the LoRaWANTM network of telecom operators members of LoRa. AllianceTM or by a local network. In case of threshold excursions, real-time alerts are sent. The LoRa® SPY Digital is designed [...]

VERIGO Bluetooth Sensors Monitor


Designed to help you to respect the cold chain, the VERIGO Bluetooth Sensors monitor your thermo-sensitive products and give you a complete visibility of the environmental conditions during transport. Applications across life sciences and food logistics. Click to download the product specification below for detailed information. Key Aspects: Easy-to-use. Data access from [...]

Transmitters for Data Loggers


Eltek's telemetry transmitters are designed to complement each other, sharing a common case style, RF specification, battery system and choice of antennas. Transmitter Types: Built-in temp, RH/temp RH and temperature Temperature Thermistor Temperature Thermocouple Temperature RTD (Pt100) Outdoor temp / RH CO2, RH and temp Voltage and current Voltage, current RH and temp Resistance [...]

Squirrel Dataloggers For Energy Management 1010, 1020 & 651


These specialist data loggers and accessories are tailored for the electricity energy sector and facilitate the metering and recording of AC voltage, current and temperature using a single comprehensive and accurate instrument. Squirrel 1000 energy series dataloggers and accessories enable quick, easy metering, monitoring and logging of load usage patterns enabling optimisation of power distribution, [...]

WSR Wireless Sensor Receiver


The Wireless Sensor Receiver together with Eltek's range of GenII telemetry transmitters enables users to integrate radio connected sensors with their existing data loggers or data acquisition systems with ease. Up to 16 sensors' values (e.g. temperature, humidity, light, voltage or current) are presented as corresponding 0-5VDC or 4-20mA outputs on the WSR receiver, allowing [...]

RX250AL Receiver / Logger


The RX250AL Receiver logger is the heart of a GenII logging system. Because the RX250AL is responsible for receiving and storing the data, it is not necessary to have a PC permanently connected. The built-in battery means data logging is not interrupted even if there is a temporary AC mains failure. Multiple RX250ALs can be [...]

RP250GD Repeater


The RP250GD receives and rebroadcasts signals from GenII transmitters, significantly extending the distance over which a system can operate. Multiple repeaters can be used in a system. Key Aspects: Contains high performance receiver and transmitter compliant to EN 300-220. LCD indicates on-air transmitter identity, status and signal strength. Extends range of transmitters many-fold. Multiple [...]

GenII RC250 Telemetry receiver system


The RC250 is a high performance telemetry receiver designed for use with the standard GenII range of telemetry transmitters, repeaters and accessories. It outputs ModBus RTU or serial data to a connected PC for integration into industry standard PC Software. Such software could include LabVIEW, DASYlab, Wonderware or proprietary software compliant to CFR21 Part 11. [...]

Squirrel 450/850 Series Data Logger


The Squirrel 450/850 series is a cost effective portable data logger with a maximum of 4 or 8 inputs. In common with its bigger brother, the Squirrel 1000 series data logger, it is equipped with impressive specifications, long battery life and a three year guarantee. Models 451 and 851 have 4 or 8 universal inputs [...]

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