Project Description

CHRIST is one of the market leaders within the field of laboratory centrifugal sample concentrators thanks to the combination of their expertise within the field of freeze drying and their close partnership with SIGMA, who are an innovator within the field of centrifugation. CHRIST rotational vacuum concentrators are compact, powerful, quiet, accurate and very reliable making them the perfect solution for any laboratory.

Key Aspects:

  • Compact benchtop mini concentrator for fast and efficient vacuum concentration.
  • Optimal processing without sample splashing is ensured by modern technology with variable-speed magnetic drive, automatic venting and internal control of vacuum application and release.
  • This mini concentrator ensures optimal and gentle handling of DNA/RNA, proteins and other liquid specimens.
  • The glass cover features high resistance to organic solvents, such as TFA and DMSO.
  • The RVC 2-18 CDplus can be specifically configured to suit your individual needs.
  • A wide variety of rotors are available for this concentrator.
  • Stackable rotors -50C cold trap option.
  • Complete with chemical resistant diaphragm pump.
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