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Seals for Transport Boxes


Consecutive numbering, suitable for Transporter BlueLine Series and Silverbags. Packaging unit: 100 pieces consecutive numbering. Key Aspects: Order No.: B 1000 29 uk Length of sealing strip: 255 mm Overall length: 342 mm. Printing area: 43 x 21 mm Material: Strong Plastics Weight: 2 g Click here to Enquire [...]

Aluminium Blood Bag Boxes with Flat Bar Handle


A range of sizes suitable for blood bags from 50ml to 1000ml. Please select: Box Code - WxDxH(mm) BBBA9000 - 160x120x210 BBBA9001 - 160x120x300 BBBA9002 - 160x120x190 BBBA9003 - 160x120x240 BBBA9004 - 160x120x280 BBBA9005 - 160x120x330 Click here to Enquire

Stainless Steel Transport Boxes


Stainless Steel Transport Boxes Key Aspects: Available in a range of sizes. Customised to suit your requirements. Suitable for autoclaving when lid is open or removed. Transport box is leak resistant. Each box features toggle clips which provide a tight and secure fitting lid. Click here to Enquire

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