CHRIST is one of the market leaders within the field of laboratory centrifugal sample concentrators thanks to the combination of their expertise within the field of freeze drying and their close partnership with SIGMA, who are an innovator within the field of centrifugation. CHRIST rotational vacuum concentrators are compact, powerful, quiet, accurate and very reliable making them the perfect solution for any laboratory.

Key Aspects:

  • The maxi concentrator: a multipurpose system for large sample volumes with practically all types of solvents.
  • Rotor capacity 216 x 1,5/2,2 ml tubes up to 12 x microtiter-plates or 4 x deep well plates.
  • Stainless steel/glass compound cover with window (corrosion proof).
  • High-performance system, 1.550 min-1 (500xg for micro-tubes) prevents bumping and foaming (e. g. with DCM).
  • Practically tolerant to imballance (> 50 g) chemical resistant diaphragm pumps (2m3/h suction capacity, 9 mbar final vacuum), standard, vacuum system with lower vacuum and vacuum controls, optional,chemical hybrid-pump for solvents with high boiling points (e. g. DMSO).
  • Recommended use with 4 liter cooling traps due to high volume evaporation (-50, -60, -90 order -105°C).
  • Optional strobe light for monitoring of the evaporation process.
  • Flexible use as vacuum drying chamber through easy dismantling of rotor shaft.