Project Description

Large capacity bench top system for effective lyophilisation of specimens with innovative WST Wireless Shelf Technology. The freeze dryer can be configured with tried and tested accessories to meet your specific needs. The simple and intuitive LSCplus controller supports manual and automatic process control for reproducible results. Two different drying methods are available to handle virtually every task.  -55° C condenser temperature for drying aqueous specimens, -85° C for specimens containing solvents.

Ice condenser capacity: 8.0 kg

Condenser temperatures: -55°C / -85°C

Key Aspects:

  • Condenser performance 6kg/24 hours.
  • LSC plus controller – colour touchscreen and graphic interface.
  • WST – wireless heated shelf technology.
  • -55C for drying of aqueous products.
  • -85C for drying solvents with low eutectic points.
  • Display of vacuum, sample temperature, shelf temperature, ice condenser temp, run time.
  • Data transfer via USB or Ethernet Multiple system configurations.
  • Attachments for ampoules, round bottomed flasks, wide-necked filter bottles.
  • Complete system includes vacuum pump.
  • Wide range of accessories.
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