Foster BioPro cabinets are loaded with design, quality, reliability and efficiency features, perfect for storing vaccines and other pharmaceutical products. Offering a combination of cutting-edge refrigeration technology, low running costs and reliability, Foster BioPro cabinets are the first choice for the medical professional. 

  • Revolutionary +stayclear condenser.

  • Heavy duty.

  • Huge market-leading capacity.

  • Wall thickness.

  • Cataphoresis coated coils.

  • Designed for medical storage.

Reliable refrigeration is paramount in the medical industry, where your content could well have a significant impact on a person’s life. Medical grade refrigeration ensures that the contents remain at the right temperature. Our Foster BioPro refrigeration has been engineered to remain at a constant temperature even in the most demanding of environments. In contrast, domestic refrigeration is designed for light usage and cannot be relied upon to maintain temperature.