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LAUDA Integral XT Water Cooled Process down to -80°C


The LAUDA Integral XT process thermostats are ideally designed for the requirements of rapid and precise temperature control of an external application in process plant and pilot plant environments. The air-cooled process thermostats offer high performance in a small space while still providing functionality across a wide temperature range. Using the LAUDA Kryo 55 heat [...]

LAUDA Integral XT Water Cooled Process Down to -50°C


Independent of variations in ambient temperature, Integral XT watercooled process thermostats achieve constantly high cooling performance. The temperature of the ambient air remains virtually unchanged thanks to the dissipation of the process heat through the cooling water. This is a particular advantage in setups similar to production as in process plants or in the mini-plant, [...]

LAUDA Integral T Process Circulators up to 2.7KW


Integral T process thermostats make rapid thermostating with powerful heating and cooling capacities combined with a small active internal volume possible. This minimises thermal drift and exothermic reactions are effectively controlled. Its compact construction is space-saving and makes the Integral T mobile. The T control unit can simply be flipped open. The following interfaces are [...]

LAUDA Integral T Process Circulators up to 13KW


The more powerful T 4600 to T 10000 W Integral process thermostats have a second pump for circulation in addition to the powerful circulating pump via an internal plate-type heat exchanger and therefore provide efficient and space-saving cooling. This enables a cooling capacity of 4.6 to 13 kW at 20 °C with the smallest internal [...]

LAUDA DLK Through-Flow Coolers


LAUDA through-flow coolers upgrade any type of heating thermostat with pump connections to a high-quality cooling thermostat and thus allow working below ambient temperature. Through-flow coolers replace cooling with tap water that is expensive and ecologically not recommandable. They provide a constant flow and temperature of cooling supply regardless of the variations. Therefore, it is [...]

LAUDA Variocool Circulation Chillers up to 2kW – 10kW


LAUDA’s new Variocool laboratory circulating chillers offer unparalleled flexibility. USB connectivity, 6 different optional analogue interface modules and the latest and most advanced controller unsure that this unit is truly future-proof. The LAUDA Variocool circulation chillers offer a broad performance spectrum for demanding temperature control tasks. The color TFT screen makes operation easy. A USB [...]

LAUDA Microcool Circulation Chillers


The LAUDA Microcool product line has been designed as a circulation chiller line with four compact models and cooling capacities from 0.25 to 1.2 kW. The user interface with large LED display and the membrane keyboard make the devices easy to use. An RS-232 interface and alarm contact are integrated as standard. What is unusual [...]

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